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Performing in San Francisco, 2008 Background information Origin, North Carolina, U.S. Genres Years active 1993–2000, 2006–2010, 2016– Labels Website Members • • Cella Blue • Chris Phillips • Tamar A. Korn • Tamara Nicolai • Dr. Sick • Charlie Halloran • Kevin Louis • Dave Boswell • Hank West • Kris Tokarski • Neilson Bernard III • Colin Myers • Leslie Martin Past members • • Ken Mosher • Katharine Whalen • Don Raleigh • Stacy Guess • Stu Cole • Je Widenhouse • Robert Griffin • Dave Wright • Tim Smith • Adam Lake • Reese Gray • • Will Dawson • Tim Kendt • Christopher A. Scott • Kevin O'Donnell • Laura McIndoe • Ingrid Lucia The Squirrel Nut Zippers is an American swing band formed in 1993 in, North Carolina, by (vocals and guitar), (vocals and guitar), Katharine Whalen (vocals, banjo, ukulele), Chris Phillips (drums), Don Raleigh (bass guitar), and Ken Mosher. The band's music is a fusion of,, 1930s–era,, and other styles. They found commercial success during the of the late 1990s with their 1996 single 'Hell', written by Tom Maxwell.

After a hiatus of several years, the original band members reunited and performed in 2007, playing select dates around the U.S. In 2016, Jimbo Mathus and Chris Phillips reunited the band with a new lineup to tour in support of the 20th Anniversary of their biggest selling album, Hot. Contents • • • • • • • • History [ ] Swing revival [ ] The band was founded by James 'Jimbo' Mathus, formerly of Metal Flake Mother and, and his then-wife Katharine Whalen in, North Carolina, with Tom Maxwell, Chris Phillips, Don Raleigh, and Ken Mosher. The group made its debut in Chapel Hill a few months later. Stacy Guess (formerly of Pressure Boys) joined shortly after.

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'Nut Zippers' is a southern term for a variety of old bootleg moonshine. The band's name comes from a newspaper story about an intoxicated man who climbed a tree and refused to come down even after police arrived. The headline was 'Squirrel Nut Zipper.' It is also the name of a candy dating back to 1890. At first the band was categorized as with the band. Then it was credited for contributing to the that occurred during the 1990s.

The band was influenced by,,,,, and. The breakthrough single 'Hell', with its rhythm, more closely aligned the band with the neo-swing movement. The Zippers's debut album, (1995), received airplay on, and its second album, (1996), was certified. Hot was also one of the first enhanced CDs, containing an interactive presentation created by filmmaker.

In support of the album, the band toured with rock singer. (1998) followed, then and. The Squirrel Nut Zippers performed at the in Atlanta and at President Clinton's second inaugural ball.

They appeared on the radio show and on the television shows,,, and. The band recorded a version of ' which was going to be included on the DVD release of the movie, but Disney, owner of, decided against it. The song was released on a greatest hits album instead. Zippers unzipped [ ] By the early 2000s, the Zippers were inactive. Stacy Guess left two weeks before the recording of Hot in September 1995. He died of a heroin overdose on March 11, 1998. In a 2014 interview, Tom Maxwell said the song 'Put a Lid on It' was inspired by Guess's addiction.

[ ] Don Raleigh departed in the middle of the Perennial Favorites sessions in November 1996 and was replaced by Stuart Cole. In July 1999, Maxwell quit, followed by Ken Mosher months later. Jimbo Mathus and Katharine Whalen divorced. Maxwell and Mosher sued the remaining members in 2002 over management and royalty issues. The case was settled out of court for $155,000 to cover unpaid royalties.

Whalen released her debut album, Katharine Whalen's Jazz Squad. Mathus toured with before forming his own band, Knockdown Society.

Je Widenhouse and Reese Gray recorded and toured with Firecracker Jazz Band. Chris Phillips spent two years with the Dickies and William Reid from the. His band The Lamps included members of the and.

Reunions [ ] In early 2007, the band's official website and MySpace blog announced tour dates with a lineup consisting of Jimbo Mathus, Katharine Whalen, Chris Phillips, Je Widenhouse, Stuart Cole, and Will Dawson. With the proclamation 'Ladies and Gentlemen.They're Back,' the band performed concert dates throughout the U.S. And Canada in the spring and summer of 2007 and through 2008. In late February 2009, Phillips sent an e-mail announcing a forthcoming live album called You Are My Radio, recorded in Brooklyn in December 2008. Download Landser Rock Gegen Oben Free Free more. The album title was later changed to Lost at Sea and was released on October 27 through Southern Broadcasting/MRI.