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Bharathchandran Ips Malayalam Movie Download

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Bharath Movies MalayalamBharathchandran Ips Malayalam Movie Download

Running time 125 minutes Country India Language Budget ₹4 crore (US$620,000) Box office ₹17.5 crore (US$2.7 million) Bharathchandran I.P.S is a 2005 Indian directed by, starring,,,,,. It was a big success in like its prequel, released 11 years ago. In this movie, Suresh Gopi plays the title role of Bharatchandran IPS, a righteous City Police Commissioner who doesn't mind assaulting even his superior officers and powerful politicians while staging a one-man-fight against the corrupt political machinery prevailing in the state. Contents • • • • • Plot [ ] This movie was the come back film for Superstar that gave him a break after numerous flops and made him prevail in the film industry.The movie begins with communal riots erupting in, after the murder of Mayambaram Baba (Sreeraman), an iconic Muslim leader. Baba is murdered amidst tight security in the premises of a special court in where he was supposed to give evidence about the foul play behind an earlier communal riot.

The evil syndicate headed by 'Janab' Hyderali Hassan () which felt that their existence will be questioned if Baba were to reveal the truths about the communal violence riots incited by them, silences him using a hired killer, Kala Purohit Khan. As a matter of fact, the communal violence following Baba's murder are triggered and intensified by Hyderali himself, to throw the region in a state of chaos. He has other sinister motives also, like having the huge amount of land left behind by the fleeing population to himself for building a private sea port through which he hopes to pump illicit money, drugs and weapons into the state. Bharatchandran makes a late entry into the film, almost near the end of the first half. Phirta Rahoon Dar Badar Mp3 Download Free on this page. The Chief Minister of the state, Thomas Chacko () entrusts the investigation of the Baba murder with Bharatchandran. He and his team of an assistant officer Anwar (Madhu Warrier) and Dy. SP Pookkoya () report to IG of Police Habib Basheer ().

Bharatchandran works his way into the hierarchy of the Hyderali syndicate, starting with Shweta Nachappa, a Karnataka police officer who was on duty on the day of the murder and who seemed to know about the murder beforehand. Hyderali silences Shweta after he finds out that Bharatchandran is trailing her. Ultimate Maps Downloader Serial Number on this page.

This doesn't seem to deter him, he spits fire as he courses his way through to Hyderali. Mentions are made about Bharatchandran's past during the nine years that is supposed to have elapsed since he terminated Mohan Thomas. Incidentally, this is the actual time-frame between the release of the two movies. He is told to have been under suspension for the major part of that time and even served a term in jail for his actions. His love interest, the lawyer Indu (Shobhana) eventually became his wife and got him acquitted of his charges. She was shot dead by Mohan Thomas's goons on the day of Bharatchandran's acquittal.