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Bmw X5 Drivers Door Lock Not Working

Deals for Locks & Hardware for BMW X5. BMW X5 E53 X3 E83 LHD Left Driver Door Lock Repair. Is ready to go to work for you. Driver Left 'Rear' Door Latch. Oct 27, 2009 Door Locks - Anyone had / have this problem? Encinitas BMW, all 4 door. First it was a blown fuse. Then everything was fine. Now the drivers lock doesn't work.

Bmw X5 Drivers Door Lock Not Working

Hello ake53, As you will see from Pics 10 and 11 of Brian's first post, the lock actuator is a 'sealed unit'. So, if you can still open/close and lock the door with the central locking, the cleaning/lubricating solution discussed in this thread, may not be for you. Nevertheless, you will have to follow Brian's instructions to remove it and replace it. I suggest you find out if you can quickly source a spare one (maybe from a motor wrecker) and be prepared to swap it over, if you can't fix your one. Maybe your problem relates to the point where the key barrel joins the actuator unit?

You will have to remove it and see. Hi all, first off a big thank you to this forum and its members. The assistance you have provided has been invaluable. And am therefore please to contribute as well. PASSENGER DOOR WONT OPEN FROM INSIDE OR OUTSIDE First determine by listening if the actuator is working or not.

In my case it was not. So there was no signal from the door module (located on passenger door window switch) to the actuator. English Rules Homework Program 300 more.

I could therefore not open the door from either the inside or outside. THERE IS NO NEED TO REMOVE DOOR CARD INSITU IN THIS CASE. What you need to do is “hot wire “ the actuator; Remove the door switch, using a flat tool, preferably plastic. Undo all the connectors on the bottom of the unit. The white connector feeds power to the actuator motors.

You need to find the BLUE, WHITE and BLACK wires on this connector (PINS 12, 6 & 7) The BLUE is the common wire with WHITE and BLACK going to the motors in the actuator. LOCK: +12V to the WHITE/ BLACK wire and –ve/ ground on the BLUE wire UNLOCK: +12V on the BLUE wire and –ve/ground on the WHITE/ BLACK wire You have to reverse polarity to LOCK and UNLOCK. TIP: I simply used a small jumper wire and used the existing +12V and –ve available on the big black connector to pulse the actuator. WARNING: There are BUS cables amongst these – SO PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU ARE COMPETENT AND ABSOLUTELY SURE OF WHAT YOU ARE DOING Creative Download Driver. !!