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Bosch Jigsaw 1581 Vs Manual Arts

Bosch 1587VS Jig Saw Replacement Lifting Rod # - Power Jig Saws - Amazon.com. 1581 () Jig Saw, 1581VS () Jig Saw, 1582 () 'Clic' Jig Saw, 7561-118 () Pneumatic 'Clic' Jig Saw, 1581DVS () Dustless Jig Saw. Power Source, Manual.

Bosch Jigsaw 1581 Vs Manual Arts

• 1 Answer SOURCE: Pull up the knob on the front at the top of the machine and push the yellow bit forward. Theoretically you should turn the knob anticlockwise three turns but it doesn't seem to make any difference on my one. Then take hold of the blade, ease it forward and turn through 90 degrees. You should then be able to pull it out. Replacement is, as they say in all the best manuals, a simple reversal of the procedure.

Bosch 1581 Vs Jig Saw

When you are turning the knob clockwise this time it's supposed to click in place but my one doesn't do this and still seems to work. Best of luck Gavin Posted on Apr 10, 2009.

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