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Cetim Cobra Software Updates

Cetim Cobra Software Updates

Step Navigate to the Cobra website, and click on the 'Customer Service' tab at the top of the page (see Resources). Click 'Software Updates' under the 'Support' heading. Step Click on the name of your GPS product, then scroll down to the 'Software Updates' heading. Click on the latest update to begin downloading it to the computer. Step Double-click on the downloaded software update, and click 'Run' if you are shown a security warning. Click 'Next' twice.

Connect the GPS to the computer using its included cable, then click 'Next. Coser Y Cantar Dolores Prida Pdf there. ' Step Click 'Next' and 'Install.' The update is transferred to the GPS. Mario Online.

Click 'Finish' when you are notified of completion. Disconnect the GPS from the computer and turn off the power.

May 22, 2017. COBRA - EVALUATION 4. Purchase Full Version. The full version contains everything you need to stay compliant with COBRA law. If you are a first time buyer of the software, click the “See. Cetim Cobra has found broad success with the transport industry. The latest version of Cobra features the following. The Cetim-Cobra calculation method comprises several essential modules such as the calculation of the fastener and clamped parts resilience (or stiffness) and the thread stripping behavior. Regarding the software functionalities for a bolted joint calculation, Cetim-Cobra can take up to 90 different parameters into account.

The latest version (V6) of Cetim Cobra, the software package for bolted joint design has a lot to offer. It's clearer, easier, more intuitive and, what's more, in 3D.

With its open architecture (ideal for new developments), compliance with the VDI 2230 (2003) standard and data entry wizards in French and English, Cetim Cobra has undergone a transformation to stay ahead as the leading professional tool for optimising bolted joints. Long established as standard design tool in various sectors of industry, Cetim Cobra has now become the must-have software in bolted joint optimization. Used extensively in the fields of road, rail and air transport, its upgraded architecture means it can now be used for new developments, other applications and even other joining methods, such as bonding or riveting. Includes many data entry wizards, bilingual (French-English) design notes, regularly updated standards databases on materials and fasteners, a conflict resolution wizard for differences in data entry, a built-in theory manual and 2D and 3D displays of joints. In addition to standards and codes such as VDI 2230 (1986), FDE 25-030, NFE 2503 Part 1 and ESA PSS.03.208, Cobra V6 now incorporates VDI 2230 (2003), novel technical devices like Nord-Lock washers and the latest recommendations from manufacturers.

With its tried and tested functional features, Cetim Cobra can be used to calculate joint flexibility and stiffness, dynamic stress in threading, the minimum tension required to prevent breakaway, elongation after tightening (loosening), bearing stress in the different mating surfaces (contact deformation) and tightening conditions (torque, angle, tension). Its high computing power makes it possible to check the static and dynamic strength of screws, bolts and studs according to the shape of the fastener and the joined parts, fitting conditions and requirements, mechanical and thermal loads in use and tightening conditions. Cetim Cobra V6 will be available as of 21 May 2013. Special one-day training courses are also planned to introduce users to the new features.

Further details (in French only) can be found on Cetim.fr, “Boutique”, “Formation” or by clicking.