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Compaq Presario V6000 Sound Drivers For Windows Xp Free Download

I have a Compaq Persario V6000 CTO laptop (Intel Core Duo T2350; 1860 MHz; 2 GB RAM). A History Of Archaeological Thought Pdf Viewer more. It came pre-installed with Vista, but I had removed that and installed XP SP2. Now, about a year later, I need to re-install the OS, only this time, when I load my Windows XP CD's and I'm in the 'Windows XP Professional Setup,' screen, it gives me an error that it is NOT able to detect the hard drive, so the Setup cannot continue.

This makes no sense, as the BIOS sees the hard drive, and Windows sees the hard drive. I restored it from the recovery disk, which was Vista, and I do NOT want to keep Vista on the system.

Compaq Presario V6000 Audio Drivers For Windows Xp Free Download

Dec 17, 2007. It comes pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Basic Edition. The driver CD is not provided along with the laptop, which you will have to download from the internet. Here we have given the links to those drivers required for Presario V6604AU, for Windows XP. To download these drivers, click the links.

Plus, this thing stays in Vista for about 1 minute and then self-rebots. I don't remember it being this much of PITA a year ago, but I'm stuck and want to put XP on this thing like I did before. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance. I pulled the hard drive out and completely reformatted it and redid the partitions with Partition magic. I then put it into a different laptop and was able to install XP.

Pferdespiele Kostenlos Ohne Download Music on this page. When I put the drive back into the original laptop, I get the bluescreen on a re-boot, even in Safe Mode. And when I try to re-re-install XP on that self-same laptop. Torrent Softimage Xsi Download. I'm back to Square One: it can't finish because it fails to detect the hard drive. Is this a setting in the laptop? Or is the Vista boot loader still hiding on the drive?