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Descargar Biblia Vida Plena Gratis Pdf Converter

Biblia Vida Plena PdfDescargar Pdf Converter Gratis

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I am really enjoying this fact packed study Bible with my Jr High girls class. My husband has the boys so I told them the brown on the cover was for them and the pink for the girls but they said they had Bibles at home. But I like all of us using this amazing Lee Strobel edited real Word during class. The Case for Christ and The Case for Faith inserts make it very relevant for answering some tough questions encountered in their school settings. The center column references are super for teaching how to discover and define both Biblical words and concepts by the Bible itself. The only thing I didn't realize before ordering was the width of two inches but it's more than worth the weight with all the pluses.

Thank you Christian Books for providing this great Bible at a price I can afford to get enough for a growing Sunday morning class! The Case for Christ Study Bible: what a fun Bible! I got it in the Berry/Chocolate Duo-Tone imitation leather cover because it was on sale. I didn't really think I'd like the color but since I was mainly purchasing it for the study notes, I didn't care too much about the color. As it turns out, it's a very NICE cover. It's attractive, flexible (not stiff) and appears to be well made. I was pleasantly surprised.

By the way, it would be a great gift to give to a skeptic or someone who is seeking to know more about the Lord but hasn't quite arrived at the point of turning his/her life over to the Lord. I think it's a great Bible. If there's one thing I'd like to see improved, it would be the print size. The Scripture text itself is VERY small.

The notes actually have a bigger print. This is not a Bible for the vision impaired.