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Down To Earth Steinberg Pdf To Excel

Steinberg also tackles climate change in order to offer a fuller assessment of U.S. Policy and its world-historical importance. Down to Earth does that. Down To Earth Steinberg Pdf Merge. All we know and are is rooted in the earth. Opposition: Everything develops by polarities, with or without conflict. Hist 3144: American Environmental History. Reading Guide for Ted Steinberg, Down to Earth In this book, Ted Steinberg offers a sweeping and very. Editorial Reviews. Amazon.com Review. 'This book will try to change the way you think about American history,' writes Ted Steinberg in the opening line of Down to Earth. That's an ambitious claim, but not far off the mark. His fascinating book is essentially an environmental history of the United States, with the author paying.

If you need help getting started, or if you have ideas for improvement, please write or call. Quick Start • Open Excel. • Enter these words into separate cells on the first row: 'Latitude', 'Longitude', 'Name', 'Description', and 'Icon'.

Down To Earth Steinberg Pdf To Excellent

• On the rows that follow, enter the attributes of each point. • 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' are required. The other columns are optional.

• 'Name' is the label that appears next to each icon on Google Earth. • 'Description' is the text that appears in the Google Earth pop-up balloon. An Excel can be used to combine data from several columns. • 'Icon' designates the icon that is displayed for each point. An easy way to get an icon is to enter a number from the below. If the Icon column is left blank or if it is missing, icon number 166 is displayed.

You can also enter an icon's 'www' web address. If you don't want an icon, enter the word 'none'. • Save the worksheet. • Click the 'Browse' button above and select the worksheet you just created. • Click the 'View on Google Earth' button. To Save The File • In the 'Places' window of Google Earth, right-click the folder 'Earth Point Excel To KML'. • From the pop-up menu, select 'Save As'.

Features • Displays an xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlsb (Excel), csv (comma separated values) or txt (tab delimited) file on Google Earth. • Excel columns 'Latitude', 'Longitude', 'Name', 'Description', and 'Icon' are all that are needed for a professional looking presentation.

• Advanced options allow you to elevate the icon above the earth's surface, draw a path ('connect the dots'), and control mouse-over effects. • Icons can be specified by entering a number from the below or by entering the URL of an icon stored on a web server. • Formulas may be entered into any cell of a spreadsheet. Formulas can be used to specify icons, icon scale, format the Description text, etc. Formulas cannot be used in csv or txt files. • Column are listed below. GPS Track: use the following columns: Latitude, Longitude, LineStringColor, Icon, IconColor, and IconHeading.

Enter 'lime' or 'yellow' into the LineStringColor column. For direction arrows, enter '196' into Icon, 'yellow' into IconColor, and 'line-180' into IconHeading. If you don't want an icon, enter 'none' into the Icon column. Guidelines • File name must end in '.xls', '.xlsx', '.xlsm', '.xlsb', '.csv', or '.txt' • The first row that contains the values 'Latitude' and Longitude' or the value 'Position' is considered to be the heading row. All previous rows are ignored. All subsequent rows are treated as data. • The listed below control the appearance of each placemark.

'Latitude' and 'Longitude' are required. All others are optional. Any column not listed is ignored. • Multiple worksheets are allowed in an Excel workbook.

Each worksheet name will be displayed as a separate folder in Google Earth 'My Places'. Security Excel To KML security is comparable to sending an email to a trusted colleague. Your data is transmitted over the internet and saved as a file on the Earth Point server. The data is immediately sent back to your PC in the form of a KML file and the original file is removed from the Earth Point server. Columns Used By Excel To KML Latitude, Longitude, Name, Description, and Icon are all that are necessary for a professional looking presentation. Advanced options allow you to elevate the icon above the earth's surface, draw a path ('connect the dots'), and control mouse-over effects.

Excel To KML ignores any additional columns in your spreadsheet. Required Columns Column Heading Default Value Description Latitude None Latitude of point. Amira Regular Font Download Free.

Google Earth uses the WGS84 geodetic datum. Valid formats include: N43°38'19.39' 43°38'19.39'N 43 38 19. If expressed in decimal form, northern latitudes are positive, southern latitudes are negative. If blank or invalid, item is not displayed on Google Earth. Longitude None Longitude of point.