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E3 Card Reader Service Mode Files

In this tutorial i will explain how to get into FSM on your PS3 it's actually really easy. *Warning- If you plan to go into FSM please.please.please back up your files just in case you don't want to exit FSM only to find all your data gone. 1.If you are not on 3.55 CFW i.e.

E3 Card Reader Firmware

Your on Rogero 4.46 or Habib 4.46 you need to downgrade with the 999 Downgrader. If you do not know how to do this follow my guide here 2.Once your on 3.55 YOU NEED TO BACKUP YOUR DATA FIRST i cannot stress this enough 3.Now that you have everything backed up go ahead and google 'FactoryServiceModeToolv0.2' and download that.

Sd Card File Reader

Dec 05, 2010 E3 Card Reader 3.50 Downgrader for PS3 Released! You will be out of factory service mode and back in. Just drag back the normal.bin files. - e3 card reader. Dec 16, 2011 Me and my friend inted to buy e3 flasher and i have. Can i use e3 card reader? And what files i need. Linn Basik Lv V Tonearm Manual. You need something to put your ps3 into service mode. Remove E3 Card Reader dongle and turn on console to make sure you are in Factory Service Mode. You will see a huge red box on the screen saying Factory Service Mode. Laura Berk Development Through The Lifespan Pdf Creator there. Load any blank FAT32 USB flash drive device with 2 files in the root directory: 1. Modified 3.41 PUP 2. Lv2Diag.self (File 1) 6. Toad For Oracle License Key Location here.

4.You should get a.PKG file, go ahead and install it on your PS3 5.Before procedding make sure that everything is backed up 6.Now go ahead and run the program 7.Your PS3 will restart and you will be in FSM 8.When you want to get out of FSM just download this and put the file on the root of your usb drive and plug it in the right slot of your ps3 and then restart the ps3 and it will exit fsm 9.Hope you enjoyed this tutorial happy PS3 Hacking.