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Ebay Bid Blocker Freeware Shareware

Folks, if things weren't bad enough at times with eBay issues, your going to love hearing this! I am posting this information since you may fall a victim to this while bidding on coins, other collectibles or just about anything that you want but someone else wants it even more. Datacolor Spyder3elite Rapidshare more. Today I tried to bid on a slightly used Ipod Nano with lots of accessories for my daughter's Birthday! The bid price ($70) was the same as the opening price right up until the last 60 seconds of the Auction. I placed a bid of $110.97 as I was almost certain that I would outbid any last minute bidders for it and I had lost out on two in the previous two days. I got the 'Confirm' page and button as always and with about 32 seconds left on the Auction, I clicked on the button to confirm. Well, there was about a 3 1/2' by 3 1/2' screen popped saying that it was loading with a time (clock) Rose in the middle that was spinning clockwise.

The screen stayed on my PC screen through the remainder of the Auction and about 5 seconds after the end it totally cleared. I hit the back arrow on the browser to find that my bid never went through and the item sold for the same opening bid. I was really miffed to say the least because I spent many hours checking out the Auctions for the right Ipod Nano, taking into consideration, the Seller's Feedback rating, Feedback and what came with the item as well as babysitting the Auction until the end. I have only had the same thing happen a couple of other times and never really though much of it until today and surmised that this had to be some for of Bid Blocking (hijacking) Software. I reported this infraction to the Seller, to eBay's Research and Enforcement Division and to an eBay Customer Rep.

They are checking into it and I hope they find and nail the B$#**&%%!!!!!! If you get hijacked in the same manner while bidding on an item on eBay, please report it. Click to expand. Hobo, Have you ever noticed when hitting the back arrow on your browser to exit an Auction on eBay to look at other items, that something will trigger your printer to print or a pop-up will come out of nowhere? Well, this Bid Blocking Software is more than likely, pretty much like the files, Worms or Spyware that does the above.

Apj Abdul Kalam New Book Turning Points Free Download. The others ones don't work or are shareware! Great tool - however, with the new screen layout for items in ebay, i am not able to see the actual snipe bid i have put in, so i cannot see what i will be bidding - i could. EBay is okay with it as they don't block those kind of services and do not prevent any future development.

Ebay Bid Blocker Freeware Shareware

Keygen Autocad Civil 3d 2015 64 Bits. Although eBay will not admit it, people have hacked them and put these files, Worms or Spyware into their' system to see what you and others are doing on eBay. Also, doesn't it seem funny that every time you bid on and win an item on eBay then pay for it via PayPal, that within a day or so you get several or more Phishing emails that look like they came from eBay or from PayPal notifying you that your account has been temporary suspended or something else has happened that requires you to click on the link in the email which appears to go to their' website, then they want you to log on using your Password. These emails are being generated because the files, Worms or Spyware has pulled your email information because you completed a transaction. Click to expand. Rlm, I used to have AVG and AOL's Anti-Spyware program! I now have Panda AntiVirus 2009, Adaware, RegCure and still have AOL's Anti-Spyware. There is very little else I could get that would work any better than these, much less afford!