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Ganesh Ji Images Download

Lord Ganesha is one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism. Ganesha has the unique distinction that his name is always invoked before any other God's name in any prayer service. Legend has it that Lord Ganesha received this distinction as a blessing from his parents, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Lord Ganesha is designated as the chief of all of Lord Shiva's ganas (servers) - hence his name, Ganesha. Worship Lord Ganesha, the destroyer of all obstacles, right on your Android device. Install this animated live wallpaper which has nice flowers falling effect whose motion is controlled by your device magnetic sensor. The flowers move like they are moving in real life. Thanks to Box2D physics which made this type of realistic motion possible.

Ganesh Ji Images Download

Beautiful images of Lord Ganesha 2. You can always control the speed of frames or no. Of images that you want to see on your android phone.

Download Lord Ganesh Photos, Pics, Latest Lord Ganesh Wallpapers, Lord Ganesh Pictures, Download Wallpapers, Photo Gallery, Lord Ganesh Pics, Download Lord Ganesh. Ganpati Bappa Morya::::::::: Ganesha, also known as Ganapati and Vinayaka, is one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon. His image is found throughout India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Hindu sects worship him regardless of affiliations. Ganesha has been ascribed many other titles and epithets. Download Ganesha images and photos. Over 4,995 Ganesha pictures to choose from, with no signup needed. Download in under 30 seconds.

Speed of rotation of frames i.e. Frames per second.

Control of Flowesrs movement and Box2D physics.

Facts About Ganesha Ganesha’s birth leads to an incident in which Shiva had to kill Aditya, the son of Kashyap. Kashyap cursed shiva that his son will lose his head too. Ganesh was on duty to guard his mother. No one was allowed in house according to his mother’s order. Shiva visits home in order to meet Parvati. Adobe Indesign Cs5 Keygen Download more. Even After telling Ganesha that Parvati is her wife,Ganesh didn’t allow him, so Shiva got angry and call an army to destroy Ganesh, but the whole army was unable to destroy him. Ganesha was blessed this power by Shakti.

Shiva came himself and cut off Ganesha’s head using his weapon “Trident”. When Ganesha’s mother heard about his son, Parvati decided to destroy the whole realm, being the creator Lord Brahma request Parvati to give conditons of peace, So Parvati gave him two conditions of peace, first was to bring back his son Ganesha and second to be worshiped before all to bring back Ganesha’s head but he was unable to find it, so he decided to take a head of Ganesha’s body. Shiva declared Ganesha as elder son and promised he got the status of worshiped before all gods. Shiva and Parvati Gift to Gajasura Once there was a demon elephant called Gajasura, under undergoing in a penitence. Shiva asks Gajasura what he desired. Gajasura requested Shiva to live in his belly. Shiva granted his request and he took up a residence in his stomach.

When shiva did not return Parvati ask Vishnu to find her husband. In order to find Shiva, Vishnu dressed himself as a flutist and transformed into a dancing bull of Shiva which known as Nandi. Vishnu conducted himself in front of Gajasura as Nandi. Gajasura was enhanced by Dancing of bull and ask to what he desired. Nandi desired to release Lord Shiva from his belly, Gajasura understands that bull was no one but Vishnu. Knowing this Gajasura threw himself at Vishnu’s feet and ask him the last request. The request was everyone would remember Gajasura, after Gajasura liberated Shiva.

Shiva substitute Gajasura head into his son Ganesha. From then Everyone worshiped Ganesha following his idol which has Gajasura’s head, this was the gift of Shiva to Gajasura. Every Part of Ganesha Mean Something to Believers Big head means high thinking.

Large ears Listen more, Small eyes for more concentration. He mount on a mouse because Unless under control can cause Havoc and keep it under your control. Large stomach to digest all good and bad in life.