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How Clean Is Your Crime Scene Online

“At crime and accident scenes around Oakland, California, Neal Smither and his hard-working crew clean the messes that criminals and cops leave behind.” You had me at hello. But if blood, real blood, and death and dead people is not your thing then it’s safe to say this programme is NOT for you. However, if you’re of a certain disposition and yes, I am of that certain disposition where I can’t curb my enthusiasm and fascination for this kind of TV.

Crime Scene Clean Up

The bizarre everyday adventures of Heiko 'Schotty' Schotte, whose profession is to clean up crime scenes. Crime Scene Cleaner. Der Tatortreiniger. When a life ends in the worst possible way, and after the police and coroner have left, someone still has to clean up.

His fleet of vans bear the simple legend 'homicide, suicide & accidental death' – and that's exactly what Neal and his team clean up. From the simple mess left by a decomposing corpse to the more complex clean up required after a gunshot to the skull, no job is too small, too big or too bloody for Crime Scene Cleaners. Crime Scene Clean up training. Whether you are seeking Crime Scene Cleanup Training, Meth Lab Decontamination Training,. Our company provides biohazard cleanup services conveniently located in 2. We are staffed with the most qualified bioremediation technicians that are readily prepared to assist you with your traumatic, life- changing.

It’s been live on Netflix since August 1st 2016, and who know how long one season wonder will stay there. It’s ten episodes, and if you’re hooked in with the first one you’ll be binge watching this in a heartbeat. This show is both as gory and as un-gory as you think it will be. It leads you to think you’re going to see a lot more than you actually do.

But then, on the other hand, you’re treated to some scenes that you thought would be censored! Neal sends out his main two cleaners, a couple of young bucks called Joe and Nate, to clean up piss in a police cell, to clear out what is called a “trash house”, to pick up pieces of brain after a suicide. There’s a tragic amount of suicide in this show. And OBVIOUSLY you don’t see the body. But you see the aftermath. Is it a lucrative business? It would appear so!

Neal, the head honcho, owns a yacht and a swanky house on a golf course (so the narrator says) so you have to assume the company does pretty well for itself. Blood, blood, blood. It’s fascinating.

And then there’s the body removal side of the bizz. With its own set of strict rules and regulations. And euw, corpses leak. I mean, I KNEW they oozed, but here’s the hard evidence right in front of my face.

The only downside binge watching this is that they repeat a lot of the same facts in every episode. Suicide rates, company trivia, etc. They even reuse the same clips of employees, saying the same things. Maybe they realised too late that they didn’t actually have as much useful footage as they first thought. Silver Devil Teresa Denys Ebook Torrents. *shrugs* If it’s your jam then its good watching. Nothing mind blowing (oof, terrible choice of words, considering), but it’s very watchable.

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