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How To Install Mount And Blade Warband Floris Mod

How To Install Mount And Blade Warband Floris ModHow To Install Floris Mod Mount And Blade Warband Steam

There's actually a full wiki (describing what it does, but in brief: Lots of interface improvements. Character overhaul - the appearance of every character in the game is generally improved. New, fully-implemented companions with all the same features of the old ones. Loads and loards of new and improved items, including weapons, armor, clothes, horses, foods (including quality), and muddafuggin' War Elephants (which don't look so hot in practice because of engine limitations, but still).

Nokia 700 Video Editor Free Download. Apr 01, 2016 [img] CLICK HERE TO INSTALL MODS FOR MOUNT AND BLADE WARBAND Related Downloads: - Installing Mods Mount And Blade Warband Steam - Adding Mods To. To Install in Addition to FEMP. 1) Make a copy of your.Warband Modules Floris Expanded Mod Pack folder. 1) Unzip into your.Warband Modules Floris Expanded Mod Pack folder.

Troop Tree Overhaul - every faction gets a complete overhaul to its troop tree with loads of new troop types. This affects bandits and mercenaries, too (even the female mercs get expanded and powerful options). New character creation options - expanded backgrounds that alter skills and improve on skills. New strategic options - you can pre-plan battles and formations, pick who follows you into battle, and in battle you have options to new formations and commands. Reworked maps - the various siege maps have been heavily reworked, and graphics improvements have been made to the random maps. AI improvements - the AI can use the new formations and in general fights better. New missions - there are new missions you can get from lords.

New economic options - you can buy land in towns, buy ships for fast travel between ports, and have more options for trading. Sign on as part of a Lord's army and fight as common footsoldier. Systran 6 Premium Translator 2007 World Edition Serial on this page.

There are a lot more, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind. It also makes the game in general a lot tougher - the bandits have been up-gunned (in the case of the Desert Bandits, seriously upgunned) so the early part of the game is a good deal more difficult, but you still wind up being able to take on armies - even more so when you make smart use of the formation options. There are a couple of annoyances, the main one being the (re)addition of a new unit: the Black Khergit Horseman. These guys are seriously stuff, with excellent top-level gear and high stats - they can mop the floor with just about anyone, even a high-level player, and they do. They appear with Desert Bandits and can quickly lead to the middle part of the Sarranid Sultanate being a no-man's land for everyone, including the armies of Faction Leaders, if they aren't kept in check...which is very hard to do for anyone but a high-level player-character, and by the time you get to that level they've already become tough bastards. Fish Eagle Sounds Mp3 Download.

This is really a problem if you select the option to allow for Bandit Kings who form their own armies complete with hangers-on (like Marshals) - I saw an army of something like 2,000 running around, complete with hundreds of the extremely tough Khergits. Luckily, you can turn off that option in the Camp menu to make the bandit armies disperse if they get to be uncontrollable. On the other hand, forming an elite army of mercs and utterly destroying a hundreds-strong army of, say, Sea Raiders is an amazing thing:D. I looked at the wiki, and it wasn't as helpful as I hoped. Names of and links to included mods are nice to have, but when there's that many of them it becomes too much information to usefully absorb (especially considering how few mod authors think to include something as simple as an elevator pitch at the top of the page). Just a single sentence summarizing each mod would be amazingly helpful. Additionally, the wiki says nothing about the basic/gameplay/expanded thing.

What's in each? Do the latter versions include the former, or are Gameplay and Expanded both addons to Basic? Graphical enhancements sound nice, but I'm not interested in a troop tree overhaul, and I might be interested in some items but not others. The new chargen screen I saw in a video looks awesome, as is the ability for your troops to keep fighting after you're KO'd, and that whole complicated screen of tournament options.

But I have no idea what I'll get with each package, or if I'm better off cherry-picking a few mods and installing them individually. As an aside, in the Skyrim thread, someone once remarked on modders' inability to ever just change one thing. I was reminded of this when I saw mention of a Warband mod that changed foreign-language unit names into English equivalents.

And also included some stat changes. To quote the mod's Nexus page: 'Basic: This is just Native gameplay with some added music, sounds and items.

If want to play Native with a little extra, this version is the one for you! Gameplay: This version is a downgraded version of Expanded, allowing people with lower computer specifications to still experience Floris. Expanded: This version contains everything Floris has to offer.' I do know that even in Expanded, there's a selection box in character creation where you can choose which troop trees to use - with three options (Native troop trees, a 'rebalanced' troop tree, and the expanded troop trees). I'm pretty sure a lot of the other stuff can be turned on or off (or just not used) as well.