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Inno Setup Bde Install

Inno Setup Bde InstallationInno Setup Extractor

ScriptMaker For InnoSetup - Construct and maintain installation scripts for Jordan Russel's Inno Setup. Quote >how can I install BDE with Inno Setup in 'silent mode' - like with regsvr32 >with switch /s (/s - Silent; display no message boxes). Rregsvr32 is not.

We have a customer who needs to run our CB3 application on 64 bit Vista. We're under a time deadline because if we can't do this quickly, his time to return the computer will run out. Our current build fails completely because we're using the old InstallShield that came with CB3 which is apparently 16 bit. We're trying to build a new installation for the old program using the InstallAware that came with CB2007.

We can figure out easily enough how to set it up to get our stuff installed but we're less confident about getting the BDE installed and we don't have a 64 bit machine to test on. InstallAware lacks the 'install the BDE' option that the old InstallShield had so we're going to have to do it by hand. I don't think we can even use Borland's 'BDE stub' because that probably also contains InstallShield stuff that will fail on 64 bit. Has anyone been down this road? What files do I need to copy where? Will I need to make any registry entries or can I avoid that with configuration files?

I know that even on 32bit Vista I need to check the option box about Win3.1 to force the use of the cfg file instead of registry keys. We'll try having the installation program set that one key. I'm hoping that with that set we can just copy files and let our program take it from there without help from the BDE Administrator. Cook Bill Todd [TeamB] 15:15. Thanks, Bill. I've had that article of yours bookmarked for a long time and I sent my programmer home with a copy to read tonight. If no one comes along tonight who has actually done this, we'll see if we can get the installation program to create the keys from your CreateKeys method.

We probably don't need to use ini files though. We'll just point the keys to the locations the installer copied the files.

However, I don't see a list of the files that need to be copied in your article. Is it going to be the same set of files that a clean installation puts into Program Files Common Files Borland BDE?

Cook Bill Todd [TeamB] 18:03. Windows 7 Regal Business Edition 2014 Sp1 X64 Activated By Nisha here. InstallAware did run on Vista 64 although we're having some difficulty getting it to put the files where we asked it to. Not sure yet if that was our error or Vista protecting Program Files tree. Because time is short, our next step will be to attempt to simply copy the BDE files in manually without using an install program, and then to create the Registry entries manually. That should let us know if the BDE runs in this environment. If we get over that hurdle, we can also copy our application files from another computer at the site and see if our stuff works.

We think it should if the BDE is working properly underneath our stuff. And if we get over both hurdles, we can return to automating the process using InstallAware. I'll keep you all advised. Cook Leslie Milburn 02:26. >Remember the key even for 32 bit Vista is to ensure the cfg file is >outside of the program files folder and that the BDE is configured to use >the cfg file rather than the registry. We've had no trouble on 32bit Vista leaving the cfg file in Program Files Common Files Borland BDE. Where are you putting it?

We create an OurCompany directory under the root and put out data there to get it out of Program Files. Should we create a BDE folder under our folder or should put it in the hidden Application Data folder?

We are resisting putting our data files in Application Data because that would make it too difficult for our users to back up or to transfer data to new computers. It looks like they've done some housekeeping and eliminated old messages as I don't find anything helpful in the old messages. I do have Bill Todd's network installation instructions. What we're trying to do now is manually set Registry entries for ConfigFile01, DLLPath, BLAPIPath, and SaveConfig. We think if we get these four keys set, our application should be able to take it from there. If manually setting the four keys gets us working, we'll figure out how to get InstallAware to automate this process. So far, we seem to have InstallAware setting keys on XP but not Vista64.