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Install Mysql Using Inno Setup Script

Install Mysql Using Inno Setup Compiler. Now offers to download and install Inno Script Studio. MySQL Community Edition is a freely downloadable.

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List: From: Yves Goergen Date: December 27 2008 11:09am Subject: Re: Inno Setup script for MySQL and MySQL ODBC? On 00:51 CE(S)T, Steve Holmes wrote: >2008/12/19 Menachem Bazian >>>Does anyone have an inno setup script so I can automatically install MySQL >>with an application? >>>>>I don't know about anyone else, but I don't know what you mean by 'inno >setup script'. Please be more specific. I assume he means the files to be copied and actions to be performed to install the MySQL server and ODBC driver, in InnoSetup language.

Use your favourite web search engine to find. If you've never heard of InnoSetup before, you're not likely to have the requested script handy. To the OP: Maybe you can find further assistence at the XAMPP project, they include the MySQL server in their installer.

The ODBC driver setup could be packaged and run as external application with like /silent. Maybe even the entire MySQLd setup works this way, so you only need to put those two installer EXEs in your application setup and run them in a more or less unattended mode. -- Yves Goergen 'LonelyPixel' Visit my web laboratory at Thread • • • Re: Inno Setup script for MySQL and MySQL ODBC? Yves Goergen 27 Dec.

I have install MySQL 5.6 using inno setup without any issue. But then i am trying to install MySQL 5.7.19 using same script its not working. I am using below script:- msiexec.exe', '/i mysql-installer-community- /qn INSTALLDIR='C: mysql', This script installs MySQL Installer not MySQL Server (MySQL 5.6 was installing server with the same command). So i thought i will use MySQLInstallerConsole using below command but its also not working.

$ MySQLInstallerConsole.exe install server;5. Gabriel Knight 2 Dosbox Dvd Installer In Hesperia. 7.19:* -silent =================== Start Initialization =================== MySQL Installer is running in Commercial mode Attempting to update manifest. Initializing product requirements Loading product catalog Checking for product catalog snippets Checking for product packages in the bundle Categorizing product catalog Finding all installed packages. Your product catalog was last updated at 00:52:43 =================== End Initialization =================== Unable to find any products that match server;5.7.19: I am not sure what is change in MySQL 5.7 installation.

Does anyone have idea about it?