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Install Windows 8 Update Without Windows 7

Three Methods: A lot of people love Windows 7, but a lot less love Windows 8. If you've upgraded but want to go back, you have a couple of different options. You can install Windows 7 alongside Windows 8, which allows you to choose which one you want to use when your computer turns on. You can also install Windows 7 inside a 'virtual machine', which is a simulated computer that runs on your desktop. This allows you to use Windows 7 and Windows 8 at the same time on one computer. Finally, if you just want to go back, you can reinstall Windows 7, wiping out Windows 8 in the process. Create two different partitions.

The 'Where do you want to install Windows? 2nd Edition Scripture Worlds. ' Screen allows you to create and format partitions on your hard drive. A partition is a segment of your drive that is formatted separately and given its own drive letter. Each partition acts like a separate hard drive. Note: If you have two separate physical drives, you don't have to worry about partitioning, as you can install each operating system to its own drive. • Click the 'Drive options (advanced)' option.

Install Windows 8 Update Without Windows 7Free Windows 8 Upgrade From Windows 7