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Mbox App

To perform a full backup easily of the folders /PLUGINS and /DISK2 without loosing the access right (no more need to perform chmod 755). Eenie Meenie Sean Kingston Ft Justin Bieber Mp3 Download. Connect via telnet to Azbox and type the following command: Code: cd / tar -cvzf /tmp/bckPLUGINS.tgz /PLUGINS tar -cvzf /tmp/bckDISK2.tgz /DISK2 Perform a FTP transfer of the following two files to your PC: /tmp/bckPLUGINS.tgz /tmp/bckDISK2.tgz Don't leave the files in the /tmp folder since it will be erased at your next Azbox reboot! To restore the full configuration of your Azbox (for example after a firmware upgrade): First check that FTP is enabled on your Azbox: Press Home ->11.

Settings ->Network Service ->FTP and check that it is active (otherwise press OK to enable it). Via FTP transfer place back the files bckPLUGINS.tgz and bckDISK2.tgz in the /tmp folder of your Azbox. Connect with telnet to your Azbox: Code: cd / tar -xvzf /tmp/bckDISK2.tgz tar -xvzf /tmp/bckPLUGINS.tgz vfd_display -td210 REBOOT The last command: 'vfd_display -td210 REBOOT' will reboot your Azbox (reboot is mandatory).

Why do it this way Yes frenzal the Control Center is the best way to install plugins backups ftp telnet etc AZBox Control Center v.1.1 Faster FTP transfer and bugs related with it - fixed. Added: * Supprt for messages in cyrillic (Russian, Macedonian.) without installing localisation. * Translation into other languages. * Update od FW trough Internet: in Tools-1 section, FW, firts click on Update list and when you get FW list, click on the one you want to be installed in your AZ box. Oniline FW update process: download, prepare, transfer in azbox and flashing process, beacause of that be patient i follow the messages. * Loading and saving channel lists into AzBox - in section: Tools-2, Channel List Everybody who has problem loading lists in AzBox and strange stufs like crazy mix after loading lists (besides that you have already erased unnecessary satelites.

This way you will get clear and clean list with that that you really want to have on your STB. * Font installer - also in Tools-2 you can install/add system font and before that previewing how does font looks like - in small window on right. * FAN - section Tools-2, Front panel you can turn on/off FAN * CAM Section, CCcam status - writing out name od the server added * CAM Section, ECM info for MGCamd and MBox * CAM Section, Edit/read MGcamd cfg files * CAM Section, Edit/Read MBox cfg files * CAM Section, list of currently available card with writing out names od providers for MGCamd * CAM Section, list of currently available card with writing out names od providers for MBox Port's for Telnet and FTP connection ( If You have forwarded ports to some other's ), method of work ( active or passive ). Method of File transfer: Binary or ASCII and Command prompt. Right away right side You can choose Favourite language, currently Application support English, Ex-Yugoslavia, Portuguese and Spanish language.