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Native Instruments B4 Ii H2o Keygen

Native Instruments B4 Ii H2o Keygen

Hybrid ISO image of the new version of the B4 (II) plus KeyGen. Works for both MAC and PC. KeyGen is.exe, but it works for validating on both platforms.

Wow, I'm just STUNNED. WTF is wrong with Native Instruments? There as absolutely nothing else like B4.

Have they lost their minds? ---------------------------------- I came here hoping to find a solution for a problem: I am running B4 II in reaper, and recently switched to Win7-64 bit. I was having horrible, occasional explosions & full-level noise on my master bus.

It turns out to be caused by B4. Absolutely no question about it.

I'm running the 2.041 update, and had hoped there was a newer version. Good Lord, this is absurd.

--- NI will never get another dollar from me. The B4 was the only VSTi in the package that was truly irreplacable. Drivers License Cake Ideas. D16 Lush 101 Keygenguru. If I need Kontakt, I'll find a crack.

Logicnp Cryptolicensing Crack. B4II has a stunning reputation and I am glad I have a copy, but it does have some short-comings. The overdrive and Leslie are mediocre to say the least. On the up-side it has lots of great Presets, and the layout is nice. There are other modelled, non-sampled, alternatives, e.g. That has equal pure sound, midi learn, really brilliant overdrive and Leslies, but not that many pre-sets.

(Make your own). Even B4II really needs to be fed through an EQ (hard or soft) in order for the harmonics to sound anything like as rich and complementary as an original Hammond. NI should print a few more copies and sell them cheap and 'unsupported'. Click to expand.Shame on you. You accuse NI of bad behaviour and threaten to retalliate with worse.

Yours sounds like the response of a spoiled child who, when screaming and shouting fails to have his demands satisfied, threatens to steal (after all, it was YOU who decided to upgrade to an unsupported OS so it was YOU who caused the problem with your copy of B4). I've done my share of screaming and shouting (before calmng down and resorting to reason (small 'r')) but a threat to use cracked software is a step too far. Cracked software is theft - no matter WHAT 'justification' you attempt to use. Still rankles I dislike the way they just arbritatrily discontinue products without warning ahead of time AND keep selling them right up to the bitter end.

I is one thing to discontinue support for a product, but it is only common decency to let users know ahead of time in order that alternative arrangements can be made. Especially as it now seems like B4II is not a happy camper under Win7 64. *sigh* Oh and I tired the demo of what NI thinks is a 'better' Hammond emulation. Nothing else to say but I am going with an alternative product & hoping someone at NI relents and at least gives us a fix to unbreak B4 II for Win 7 64. Guys i just have to say. Vintage organs, is all you need forget b4 II ok, its old software, we have updated, and this is the new version. Buy the other non NI b4 II copy if you want.

Ill stick with my vintage organs, because i can actually play a real hammond, i own a real b3. And i can safely say that unless you are a complete gimp, looking for a 1 key press to sound like jimmy smith. VINTAGE ORGANS WILL DO WHAT YOU WANT, AND IS BETTER THAN B4 II. Stop complaining about this crap if you hate it so much, buy a b3. Or a smaller x3 or something and stop comming in here complaining and crying about b4 and NI. I have just got into software emulators, and man i can say that back in like 1999 - 2004, we would have not been able to touch this stuff today that we are getting closer to. Good on you NI for getting rid of b4 and moving on.

Its only like 100 bucks guys, seriously, if you are that serious about your music you wont mind paying that. Hell i just paid 2g for a ****ing tb 303.

In my opinion id rather buy an NI product than that. But hey who knows where im going with this.

NI its a great job you have done guys, updating your organs, pianos and electric pianos is so good. You have no idea how good this is. Click to expand.57 drawbar organ sucked. Thats why it came out and left us so soon.

Just get the vintage organs man seriously. If you know how to play a Hammond or know how to get the types of little riffs you want, this thing will do it 100%. The sounds of that farfisa are almost identical to a real farfisa. And lets not remember that when using progs like this if you really want to be serious in your end result, you will mix and layer eq and comp etc.

Anyone trying to make a serious end result of a song should be doing this. And i would bet my life that 90% of you here complaining dont.

Thats why you criticise this program so much, you are just greedy little rodents. Peace all and xoxo.

Click to expand. I have not heard a sampled organ yet that betters B4 II or VB3, The stuff in Hollowsun's Prog Pack for Kontakt comes close, but they are fixed regestrations with limited tweaking. The specification of Vintage Organs looks good. It's obviously impressed you and I have been monitoring views expressed on other forums. You are the most enthusiastic by an order of magnitude, but in general it is being favourably received. I will probably go for the cross grade from B4 II while its available. If I am not impressed I will still have B4 II and the combo organs will mean its not a complete white elephant like '57 organ.