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Nikon F6 Camera Serial Numbers

Nikon F2 Serial Numbers and Production Dates. The Nikon F2 camera was produced between autumn 1971 and January 1980. The first serial number was 7100001 and. Treated myself to a Nikon F6 when a deal I couldn't refuse popped up - impressions inside! Serial number. I have a Nikon F100 and I always wanted the. The Nikon F3 series cameras had the most model variations of any Nikon F camera. Serial numbers on the camera body begin with H9600. F6: F: F3: High-end: F-501. Camera, Production dates, Estimated production. Nikon F, 1959-1974, 862,600. Nikon F2, 1971-1980, 816,000. Nikon F3, 1980-2001, 751,000. Nikon F4, 1988-1996, 500,000 (close to 600,000 as per Nikon F4 FAQ website). Nikon F5, 1996-2005, 235,000 (estimated from serial numbers). Carl Jung The Complete Works Pdf - Free Software And Shareware more. Nikon F6, 2004-.

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