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Norton Ghost 12 Dos Version 3

IB::Topic::How to run Norton Ghost 11.5.GHO file:: Home for the EZB Community! » Welcome Guest [:: ] » » » How to run Norton Ghost 11.5.GHO file Page 2 of 3 2 [:::: ] Topic: How to run Norton Ghost 11.5.GHO file balder Group: Members Posts: 1935 Joined: Oct. 2008 Posted on: Mar. 27 2015,02:26 @naeembabakheil Quote: 'which file should i choose in that.iso u provided' Answer: NONE of those files, and I repeat; ' Ghost32.exe is such example, designed to run only in Windows environment' But this floppy image we are going to use is DOS and NOT Windows So how can you positively think you can use an 32-bit program in DOS environment - because you can't! Please read carefully and follow tutorials fully out --------------------------- Attention! Luckily I have found an direct download of Ghost.exe (DOS-version of Ghost11) Download Put this file to folder disk1 in EasyBoot and follow guidelines in post nr;2 (skip step 9 as you now already have ghost.exe in folder disk1) -------------------------- Some info. Zbrush Downloads on this page.

I'm also critical to how you created ghost image of your WinXP-system The 100% correct way is to do it from DOS (reboot computer and create ghost image) Further more; you cannot use lets say ghost11 to create an image and then use ghost8 to 'clone' back (restore) your WindowsXP because Ghost images created by an 'higher ghost' (ghost11 as example) can not be used by an 'lower ghost (ghost8 as example. To sum up; ghost images created by ghost11 (as example) can not be cloned back using ghost8 (or ghost 2003 as example), the are 'mismatched' (incompatible) However ghost images created using ghost11 (any version as long it is ghost11) can of course be cloned back using any Ghost11 (any version) Same goes for 'Ghostexp.exe'.

Norton Ghost 12 Dos Version Command. Gho (Ghost) image to. Virtual Hard Disk)Open Disk Management, right click Open Disk Management. A simpler, non-corporate version of Ghost, Norton Ghost 2003 does not include the console but has a Windows front-end to script Ghost operations and create a bootable Ghost diskette. The machine still needs to reboot to the virtual partition, but the user does not need to interact with DOS. Symantec deprecated LiveUpdate.

Norton Ghost 12 Dos Version 3.0Norton Ghost 16

Ghostexp.exe can have problems to open an ghost image that has been created by an 'higher' ghost version. Bmw Fsc Code Generator Vin. -------------------------- I know this is a lot to absorb in an short time, but think a while about this: I live my life by the following words of wisdom and philosophy: every day I learn something new, signaling to me as an individual, I still have so much to learn And the more I learn, the more I realize how much I still have to learn And I'm getting to the age and are anything but fully learned. You can also call it humility -------------- balder Edited by balder on Mar.

27 2015,03:29 -------------- Download complete set of scripts including help file Note: Script collection updated 11 may 2017. Scripts mainly support EasyBoot_6.5 or later naeembabakheil Group: Members Posts: 40 Joined: Mar. 2011 Posted on: Mar. 27 2015,12:52 Thanks for your kind help. U help me lot man.

U r gre8;) now i have little problem.;p i have put ghost.exe -clone,mode=restore,src=X: system.gho,dst=1:1 -sure -rb in Autoexec.bat file but still it ask for restoring partion and correct size of partition and little problem i havnt see my background image in VMWare but it was showing in Ezyboot see images below Edited by naeembabakheil on Mar. 27 2015,12:54 balder Group: Members Posts: 1935 Joined: Oct. 2008 Posted on: Mar. 27 2015,13:58 @naeembabakheil Quote: 'but still it ask for restoring partion and correct size of partition' Well it seems to me that size of your Ghost image (source) is 15360 MB but the destination (Local drive [1]) size is 8192 MB You can not press in two liters of water in a one-liter bottle, but that's what you are doing My guess is that's why Ghost asks if partition size is correct and also ask to proceed with cloning. Try to use an larger partition to 'restore' Ghost image to Further more, VMWare is not an ideal partner to run ghost test to. Again I guess that's why you also having problems with background picture Keep also in mind if you use solution 1024x768 (maximum solution) to background picture in EasyBoot, you are recommended to use 256 Color to Screen Mode So it seems you finally got DOS to work (launching Ghost from DOS floppy image) ---------------- EDIT! You may need to adjust switches in ghost as well I have no clue what you are doing here? Installation Cannot Be Run Directly Launching The Msi Package.