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Omega Trust Prosperity Program

Omega Prosperity Program

Omega Trust Prosperity Program Deliveries Only Sign Goodwin began commenting on NESARA in connection with Omega. Omega Trust & Trading >The Omega Chronicles. You CANNOT DOUBLE DIP! Descargar Codec De Audio Para Reproductor Windows Media Player. In other words, if you or others who are recipients of the PPs such as Omega, you are not allowed to reapply BUT resend your information, to state you have applied for X program (state the program) in the past but were never contacted. New names only and those that applied in.

Jul 30, 2017 Omega Trust Prosperity Program Fundsupermart Please note that once you make your selection, it will apply to all future visits to NASDAQ.com.

THE REAL STORY ABOUT OMEGA Omega was what they call a 'roll' program which has been used for a long time and is still being used. It was developed by St. Germaine and that is how he has amassed his large fortune. He taught it to others. There are only about 4 brokers that handle them, and you have to have at least $100 million to enter it. In a 'roll' program money trades four times a week (Tuesday morning, Tuesday afternoon, Thursday morning, and Thursday afternoon earning 50 times profit each time). Download Windows 7 Home Premium Oa Acerbis there.

A large amount of money from younger Illuminati visionaries who did not like what their parents were planning and some rich people in the entertainment world put up the money, and they wanted the people to have it. That is also why the donation lists came about. All the money that was needed was put up by these people, but they needed the recipients for this money when it was released. They hired Clyde Hood and others to gather the names. A fee of $100 per name which was their payment for getting the names. It was NOT to put it into the program.

Omega Trust Prosperity Program

It was theirs to keep for their work. Mike Kadowski was brought in because he was active in the multi-level marketing industry and knew a lot of people. That is where I met Mike and bought my shares and those I gave away to others from. Mike's daughter Karen worked as a secretary in his office.

Bill Wood, Arlene Diamond, and a lady I talk to several times a day in Florida were all brought into the administration level. POOF was hired to be the spokesperson to keep people updated and informed. There were other people, but these are the only people I knew. Let me reiterate that the $100 was NOT an investment but the agreed upon fee to be made by the people collecting the names for their work in gathering the names that would be the recipients. People were sending in money through the mail and the word got around to wrap tin foil around it so the post office scanners would NOT pick up the metal thread that runs through the bills because you have heard many stories of mail being lost especially mail that has money in it. It is no different than putting paper or something so that checks and money orders do not appear visible through the envelope.

I am sure also that you know of businesses, funds, and other things the government has shut down and seizes the money (for the government). The money NEVER goes back to the participents. The same thing when they seize property, cars, etc. The government sells it and KEEPS the money. When they raided the offices, they found money and records of those that sent the money in. Clyde Hood used the money he earned from signing people up and bought a restaurant, a construction company, and bought some antique cars. Remember it was with money he EARNED that he was investing.

Monopoly Board Template Download. The government's claim was that he was taking the money that people were sending in which the government labels as investment money saying it wasn't being invested so therefore saying the program was a scam. That was not the case. They used the fact against him that he had made those purchases.