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Ps2 Transfer Games From Usb To Hdd

Apr 24, 2014. It will now transfer your game to your USB device and auto-split any files that need splitting. NOTE: Don't worry if it appears to be frozen, it is still transferring, let it do its thing. Step 4 - Transfer from USB device to PS3 Internal HDD. How To Convert Ps2 Games To Ps2 Classics And Play Them On Any Ps3. Messages: 17. Likes Received: 0. I have a PS2 with a HDD that I wish to transfer some of my legally owned games to. However, I do not have an IDE adaptor that I can use on my PC. Because of this I want to transfer to it either over USB or over FTP. Is there any way that I can do this? Thanks a lot!

Transferring games from HDD to SSD. Solved Should I transfer my games to my laptop's SSD or keep them to my external HDD USB 3.0 drive??? Solved Transfer Games. Boston Piano Serial Numbers there.

Specialized Model Year From Serial Number. Hello everyone, i think that you can copy backup games into the ps3 hdd. Only ps2 games and some of ps3, cuz the ps3 hdd is in FAT32 format and it will only allow you to copy files up to 4 GB. So the point is that you can buy a Sata (Serial-ATA) converter to USB 2.0 so you can conect the ps3 hdd on a computer and you only have to copy all the data into the game's folder of the ps3 hdd. (REMEMBER THAT THE PS3 HDD SIZE IS 2.5 INCH ) also you can try with an external USB Hard drive. They are formated in NFTS and you only need to format it in FAT32.

After that you must create the same folders of the ps3 like MUSIC, VIDEO, PICTURE, and GAME so the ps3 can recognize it. There is a guide about how to make the ps3 recognize external hard drives HERE AT PS3HAX.NET this is only an idea. But i think that works!

Basic Tactics For Listening Third Edition Scripture. Try this method and post. @flareyou: almost EVERYTHING u just wrote is wrong! PS3 HDD IS NOT FAT32, get that into ur heads!!!!! The ps3 hdd is not recognised by a pc, u format it on the pc, then have to format it again iun the ps3. External fat32 hdd's ARE recognised by the ps3 but a GAME folder is not, and no one knows where the ps3 stores its downloaded games yet. Downloading games via torrents is ILLEGAL and not approved on this forum!!!!!!!!! Really, u are another person who needs to read things before posting rubish like this!!!!!!!!