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Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Xp Patch

I heard that 99% of all games work with Windows XP, so I got it and installed it.technically the game does work, but it's unplayable because I'm getting keyboard lag. It's kinda like this.if I press forward there is a 2 second delay before my player moves forward, then when I let go of the key, the player continues to move forward for another 2 seconds. The mouse controls are good, it's only the keystrokes. Even if I try to type a message it lags.

It lags even in single player mode. I have already updated Windows and gotten new XP drivers for my keyboard (MS Natural Keyboard Pro). If anybody has experienced this and found a fix please let me know. I'm running a P3 1Ghz with a Creative Labs Annihilator Pro (GeForce DDR). Thanks in advance for any help. RedEye skrev i meldingsnyheter:1n0E7.28451$yj.575597@news2.calgary.shaw.ca. >Yes I have.

Microsoft Windows

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Still no go.hey I'm wondering.obviously my post worked >cause you guys can see it, but how come I can't see my own original post? Probably because your newsserver doesn't get all the posts to the group, and yours was among those 'not received'. My old newsserver (ISP standard) had the same problem, so I switched to. Thanks for you help. Lost Ontario Drivers License And Health Card. any more suggestion? Sorry - I don't know fook all about operating systems:) Daywanderer -- Field Reporter - ICQ UIN: 46676767 'Fortune sides with he who dares.' I have the same keyboard lag problem.