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Schecter Serial Number

Help me figure out what I bought. I rolled the dice and picked up a nice Schecter PJ bass. I'm trying to figure out what exactly it is.

It's a Fender P clone with the older Schecter/Fender headstock. Easiteach Next Generation Keygen. All hardware is stamped Schecter, and it has the old simple Schecter logo on the headstock. Serial is A-79XX stamped on the neck plate. I haven't disassembled.

Schecter Serial Number

It would be interesting to look under that pickguard and see if the body is routed for more pickups or not. My '80's Koa number has a pickguard but only the single hum route (and no serial on the plate= 'kit?' ), so my options are limited(as are the tones available B) ). The trem used on our Ebay subject is a. Aug 18, 2007 The serial number stamped on the Schecter branded neck plate is four digits in the format 80** or 81** can't remember which. I assumed it was '80 or '81, but I didn't know. If so I would imagine it is worth a more than a.

It's very light, seems lighter than Alter but I can't tell. I know some of the older Fenders I've touched are light. Neck feels and plays great - as good as any USA Fender I've touched. Nagin Bin Mp3 Download. Nice rounded P bass neck. Board seems darker than rosewood by has some very nice grain. Fret work is great.

The EMGs seem to be aftermarket and put on later in life. The routing is too big and the wiring doesn't seem like factory or CS wiring. That didn't bother since I wanted to try EMGs. I've seen similar basses on TB (can't find any posts now).

But this seems like a 79 or very early 80s USA Schecter. When they first started making complete guitars/basses.

I do have a question out to Schecter to see if they can confirm it's lineage. Any help from my fellow TBers will be greatly appreciated. I've owned a lot of US Schecter stuff and the ones like yours are really hard to tell. I passed on a bunch just like it because of that. Older Schecter stuff, late 70's early 80's, were mostly sold as parts, not full guitars. All early Schecter stuff that I've owned has Schecter burned into the neck either on the heel or on the back of the headstock.

These parts were of the highest quality and they feel like you have a product from Sadowsky or U.S. Lakland in your hand. I've often seen the necks paired with Boogie Bodies bodies. The monstertone pick-ups were from when Schecter re-opened as a U.S. Custom shop and started to produce all kinds of full guitars and basses.

This stuff is also TOP quality. These basses will have 'Schecter- The Original California Custom' on the neck plate. During the 80's there was a ton of fake Schecters coming into the country. Pocket Controller Pro Crack Serial Keygen Download here. I believe they were made by Samick. This is all IIRC and FME. Edit: The bridge looks like a Schaller, which you wouldn't see stamped with Schecter on a fake. My rule of thumb is, if it feels like a an import, 80's MIJ or MIK, then it's a fake.