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Selected Driver Not Found 10202 Logical

An active partition was detected on the selected disk, and it is not the. The object was not found in the driver. A not a primary or logical. I also tried the garage band analysis and got the 'Core Audio Selected Driver not found.(-10202)' message. Other then these things, the computer is functioning flawlessly. View 1 Replies Similar Messages: OS X V10.7 Lion:: Sound Not Working - No Option To Select Internal Speakers; OS X Yosemite.

Guys, I've solved my problem about that error -10202 (Selected driver not found). I have installed in my Mac Pro (OS X 10. The Dhandho Investor By Mohnish Pabrai Pdf File. 5.8).

Selected Driver Not Found 10202 Logical

The following HRESULT return codes are defined by the Virtual Disk Service Remote Protocol and, together with the HRESULTs specified in, SHOULD be returned by the server to indicate additional information about the result of a method call or about the reason a call failed. If the result is an error rather than simple status information, the most significant bit of the HRESULT is set (as specified in [MS-ERREF]). Return value/code Description 0x80042400 VDS_E_NOT_SUPPORTED The operation is not supported by the object. 0x80042401 VDS_E_INITIALIZED_FAILED VDS or the provider failed to initialize.

0x80042402 VDS_E_INITIALIZE_NOT_CALLED VDS did not call the hardware provider's initialization method. 0x80042403 VDS_E_ALREADY_REGISTERED The provider is already registered. 0x80042404 VDS_E_ANOTHER_CALL_IN_PROGRESS A concurrent second call is made on an object before the first call is completed.

0x80042405 VDS_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND The specified object was not found. Latest Bollywood Movies 2010 Download on this page. 0x80042406 VDS_E_INVALID_SPACE The specified space is neither free nor valid.