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Selmer Paris Serial Numbers Bass Clarinet

Selmer (Paris) Sax Legend. Year, Model, Serial Number. 1922, Model 22, 750-1400. Htc Desire C A320e Firmware Download. 1923, 1401-2350. 1924, 2351-3350. 1925, 3351-4450. 1926, Model 26, 4451-5600. 1927, 5601-7850. 1928, 7851-9700. 1929, 9701-11950. 1930, Cigar Cutter/Super Sax, 0. Oct 15, 2012. I have a selmer Bass clarinet - - serial number B8945. I would like to know the model number and I also - Answered by a verified Musical Instrument Appraiser. Selmer Bass Clarinet. Serial Number: V84xx. Manufacturer: Selmer Model: Paris Instrument Construction: Additional Information: Pictures: In Stock. The serial number on YAMAHA VERTICAL PIANOS is stamped on the gold colored plate on the inside of the piano as illustrated in the vertical piano. Bass Clarinets from the world's best, Selmer Paris & Buffet - also home of the Kessler Custom Low C Bass Clarinet - Affordable, high performance Low C Bass!

I'm wondering if my bass mod 22 from '86 is a good player as the model 30 and what you mean for 'golden era' or better model? Mine has the double lever style for right hand side keys I've not tried other Selmer bass clarinets so it play well but not so well to me, some notes are not even (a little stuffy) and required some embouchure effort even if all pads seal correctly. Recep Ivedik 1 2 3 4 5 Full Indir. Autocad 2012 Free Torrent Download Full Version With Crack 64 Bit more. Is this usual on bass clarinets generally?

Selmer Paris Clarinets For Sale

A customized mouthpiece with a baffle help me greatly to improve the projection in general and mitigate those notes which speaks much better It play at 442 with all the pipe in. I'm not familiar with a model 22, and haven't played any Selmer basses from the mid-80's. The old model 30's/33's aren't stuffy at all, and the new Buffets and Selmers ($$$!) both play extremely well and if in good order, aren't stuffy. Student instruments and poorly designed pro instruments can be stuffy, no matter how well maintained.

Bass clarinets are VERY sensitive to poor adjustment. You might also try different reed and mouthpiece combinations, too. Too open or closed mouthpieces can cause response problems, especially in the second register, and too hard reeds can make stuffy notes sound even worse.