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Serial Receipt Printer Slow

Thermal Receipt Printer

Print Direct To Windows Printer (EPOS Receipt). An entire audit roll from a till for a day it is too slow. Is your printer connected via serial or parallel. Touch POS: I cannot get my serial printer to work? Run Gun Serial Number Georgia there. - POS Systems POS Software Printers POS Peripherals Touch Screens restaurant, retail, sauna, spa, beauty pos.

Windows 8 Activation + Keygen 2013.Rar more. I am developing a POS system for cafe-bar-restaurants. It works fine, but I have some problems regarding printers. People here suggest I use POS for.NET. But I can't because: • My client has a machine with windows home edition as server.

So POS for.NET has no luck at one of his two stores. • The previous pos software he had printed to thermal printers using GDI graphics.But was too slow dont know why. You had to wait for 10 sec to print a receipt. • I get complaints because font is a bit small using these printers.(42 chars 80mm paper) And that is true. Native printer's font sucks way too much. All of the printers i see suck because they arent from a good brand.Also guys that developed the fonts were too bored that used latin letters mixed with local ones.

But prints from graphics mode look WAY WAY WAY better and antialised and smooth and clear and nearly same speed. • Printers dont have OPOS.NET drivers. I sent emails at chinese companies that produce these printers and said that they didnt have developed one yet. • Some of these printers dont support some basic ESC/POS commands! Even command for paper feed is problematic. Only the newer printers are almost compatible but the older ones arent at all. • Using plain text + esc/pos i cant make the font larger only x times larger. Inno Setup Bde Install here.