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Sin Cara Wwe

Sin Cara Wwe Wrestler

Having already forged a strong international following, Sin Cara, known for his high-flying style and awe-inspiring acrobatics, set his sights on reaching new heights.

Arias, as Hunico, wrestling in a match during his feud with the original Sin Cara () On the October 28 SmackDown, Negro was interviewed by, where he wanted payback for losing to Azul while revealing his name to be 'Hunico', a name he used in FCW. He also adopted a new gimmick, portraying a stereotypical, wrestling in street attire and addressing the audience in both and. On the November 4 SmackDown, Hunico continued his rivalry with Sin Cara by attacking him together with his debuting FCW tag team partner Epico. Despite Epico's cousin soon joining them, this was short lived as went on to align with.

Hunico's feud with Sin Cara was cut short when Sin Cara suffered a injury at, which required surgery. On the December 15, Hunico introduced FCW's Donny Marlow (son of ) as his new bodyguard as they rode to the ring in a (which would become Hunico's signature entrance). The following week, Marlow's new name was revealed as Camacho.

It was revealed that Hunico and Camacho's friendship arose from Hunico once saving Camacho from several attackers, resulting in Hunico being stabbed but biting a man's out in the process. Hunico (right) with Camacho in 2013 In January 2012, Hunico started a feud with after Hunico was offended that he was not invited to one of DiBiase's Posse parties. After both wrestlers scored two wins apiece, Hunico defeated DiBiase on the February 17 SmackDown to end the feud.

After his feud with DiBiase, Hunico wrestled extensively on Superstars, going on an unbeaten streak in Superstars singles matches by defeating the likes of,, and. In April, Camacho began regularly teaming with Hunico. In June, Hunico lost to the returning Sin Cara, on the June 4 Raw and. Acdc Rock Band Torrent Wii Games there. In the pre-show of, Hunico and Camacho lost to the and in a non-title match.

At in July 2012, Hunico, along with Camacho and four other wrestlers attempted to ambush to make a statement, but returned to save Kane, disposing of Hunico with a chokeslam and a tombstone piledriver. Hunico then underwent surgery for a in the knee. Hunico returned to in-ring action (but not television) at the live event on April 4, 2013, once again teaming with Camacho. Hunico and Camacho returned to television on the November 6 and lost to.