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The Karan Kundra Serial Channel V Episodes

The Karan Kundra Serial Channel V EpisodesKaran Kundra Wife

• [ ] Role: Veeru Veeru, Kunal Mehra's right-hand man and driver. Veeru lives with his mother. He is self-dependant, and honest. Veeru is very hard-working, and is willing to do anything to prove himself right.

• [ ] Role: Vivan/Dr. Vivan He was a heart broken man. He was orphaned at a young age, felt the agonizing sting of fire on his bare skin, made it through the throes of immortality and felt pain that was indescribable. None of it would, however, compare to the sheer torment of watching the love of his life slip through his fingers. Doomed to an eternity of solitude, he was eking out an existence but little did he know that the one girl he had loved, forsaking all others, was to enter his life once more and tilt his world on its axis again. He was doomed. • [ ] Role: Host • [ ] Role: Host • [ ] Role: Arjun Arjun, the main protagonists of the show.

He is a cool and calm casanova who dislikes women and refuses to believe that 'someone somewhere is made for you'. • [ ] Role: Arjun Singhania • [ ] Role: Mentor • Role: Karan Kundra Host • [ ] Role: Karan Kapoor • [ ] Role: Karan Kundra The women love him and he loves to party, but his love life seemed to be taking a U-turn all of a sudden. • [ ] Role: Rahul Sabarwal The eldest son of the Sabarwal house, Rahul is a super talented guy with a great voice and a true rock star.

New Delhi: TV actor Karan Kundra is reuniting with former lady love Kritika Kamra for Channel V`s new show `The Serial`. But if you`re expecting to see some. The Serial-Karan Kundra/Kritika. Of television stars draws to a close Balaji Telefilms’ novel show The Serial - currently airing on Channel V. Was da episode.

Whenever he performs on stage, he is adored by his fans and they fall all over him. Rahul is responsible for the success of his father’s music company and all his concerts have all sold out. He hates being in the media’s glare and is not interested in having female fans fawn on him. The only woman that Rahul wants in his life is his mother.

Rahul’s image of being arrogant and uncaring in the media is far from what he really is – happy-go-lucky, a family guy who adores his parents. • [ ] Role: Karan Kundra As a Participant.

Download Free Sound Holic Kaze Rarity. STORYLINE The Show is about an aspiring 17 year old actor Rohan Shah whose role model is Karan Kundra. He goes to the balaji office for an audition of Gumraah and gets selected. In the meantime he gets to go in Kundra's party (organised by Soumya Seth to reunite Kundra and Kittoo) with a friend and not knowing about Kundar's and Kittoo's (Kritika Kamra) breakup plays a cd having their past memories to wish them anniversary which angers Kundra. In the same party Sara Khan turns out in a bikini to grab media attention and plays a large part in helping Rohan play that cd. The next day Sara is shocked to see the newspapers filled with the breakup news rather than her bikini pics.

Nba 2k13 Demo Xbox 360. The story then covers the life and struggles of various celebrities from Rohan's point of view.